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June 23, 2024

Burkina Faso: President calls for terrorists

  • décembre 18, 2023
  • 2 min read
Burkina Faso: President calls for terrorists

«We invite our lost compatriots to lay down their arms, which they took against their country» launched to the terrorists, the president of the transition, Captain Ibrahim TRAORE, during the celebration of the 63rd anniversary of Burkina-Faso last week.

On the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of the independence of Burkina Faso, the president of the transition in his speech launched Sunday, December 10, 2023 an appeal to the «local valets of imperialism» from inside and outside the country to stop and act for the return of peace in Burkina Faso,
“There is still time for those who have been deceived, who have engaged in this battle to lay down their arms because there will come a time when it will no longer be possible to do so,” warned the strongman of Burkina Faso.
The President of the transition in Burkina Faso, Ibrahim TRAORE said that once the orders for materials will arrive and all the rapid intervention battalions will be deployed, it will be late for the terrorists.
In his logic of deploying a force consistent with terrorist acts, he specified that with the deployment of battalions and the acquisition of equipment, the terrorists can move, even carry out attacks but they will be hunted down to their last entrenchment. He said Burkina Faso has decided to fight and will fight until the final victory.
The Burkinabe army and its reinforcements that are the volunteers for the defense of the homeland (VDP) created by Captain Ibrahim TRAORE, have stepped up operations against armed terrorist groups in this insecure and violent West African country since 2015.
Since 2015, insecurity in Burkina has claimed the lives of many people and displaced thousands.

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