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June 23, 2024

Cameroon/ End of year 2023: special message from his majesty, the superior leader of the FONTSA-TOUALA group to the diaspora.

  • décembre 17, 2023
  • 6 min read
Cameroon/ End of year 2023: special message from his majesty, the superior leader of the FONTSA-TOUALA group to the diaspora.

His Majesty KEMDNG DONFACK Joseph Cedric, the superior leader of the Fontsa-Touala people addressed the diaspora of this people on December 17, 2023. Read his full message.

Fontsa-Touala people,
Illustrious members of the Diaspora Fontsa-Touala,
Ladies and gentlemen,
On this historic day when I address myself especially to you, the very strong Diaspora of the Fontsa-Touala Group; I have the full measure of this nostalgic past in Fontsa-Touala land that each of you carries with you wherever he moves. I am very aware of your enthusiasm for wanting to constantly bring you closer to your spiritual source of our ancestors. Until recently, we were not able to participate in today’s exercise. The means of communication were not adapted. The diaspora was an almost amputated member of the social body of Fontsa-Touala; all the daughters and sons as well as the geniuses and talents of the Village who left the country were definitely cut off from the families and the realities of our ancestral space.

For decades, the consequences of this break had a very negative impact on the development of our region. Today, the digital revolution and the rise of new technologies have made it possible to cancel all the borders that separated us and we can activate all our human potential for the development of our Group.
Ladies and gentlemen, the year 2023 has not been easy for many of us. I am aware of the difficulties you are going through in a new environment far from your relatives and ancestors of light. My message is a message of comfort and moral and spiritual support to you. May the light of our ancestors guide you daily. The year 2024, looming on the horizon, will bring us more surprises. My Message today is that of a Happy Leader and a Trusting Father. Chief Heureux because despite the breakout period mentioned above, many of you have developed exceptional strategies to intervene remarkably in the development of our Group and I thank them. Happy with the enthusiasm you have shown to welcome ROYAL DECISION N°001/GF-T/CH-SUP/2023 OF 21/09/2023, concerning the restructuring and reorganization of our development body, APF NDOOH-BOUEL.

I am a Trusting Father because every day, I live and touch your efforts in mobilizing all the daughters and sons of the Fontsa-Touala Group residents outside the country, with the aim of involving them in the development of their dear Village. I am a Trusting Father because I read with great attention the action plan that you elaborated carefully and submitted to the Executive Board of the APF. This exercise shows, without doubt, the determination that each of you, would like to be involved in the development of your village and in a constant way like all those who are here in Cameroon. I am confident that many of these projects will take shape and form tomorrow January 2024 for the great happiness of our populations.
Dear Brothers and Sisters, our parents and ancestors have shaped us in the mould of hard work, boldness, audacity, tenacity and stubbornness. Many of you have already experienced difficulties in several countries of the globe, but you have remained conquerors and the whole Group is proud of you today. I have come to understand that a Fontsa-Touala can live anywhere in the world, but no one can take his Fontsa-Touala from the depths of his heart. Whatever our success is,

Fontsa-Touala remains our birthplace, our source, our root, our identity and our pride. Therefore the development of Fontsa-Touala must be a priority for all Fontsa-Touala of the diaspora. Fontsa-Touala that many have left behind is changing, slowly but surely.
By setting up with a new vision a Mandate of Experimentation of new paradigms of development at the APF NDOOH-BOUEL, I wanted to capitalize all the Living Forces and the rich human potential of our Group, I wanted to open a dialogue box and a platform for common reflections on the future of our Village, because our challenges are enormous and challenge everyone.
Specifically, we must identify and group without distinction of villages, all Fontsa-Touala of the Diaspora, whether son or daughter Fontsa-Touala of stock, by alliance or by adoption. By investing in the major metropolises of Cameroon, the Fontsa-Touala diaspora should also arrive in the Village to build houses that can enhance the urban face of our villages and neighborhoods. I would also like to remind you and you know how much I care, to ensure that our fundamental values are instilled in our children born in diaspora. Sunlight should not make us forget the wood fire heating of our ancestors.

I will be proud to welcome our young children from the diaspora to the village, exchange with them in Yemba language and tell them the little stories of our Village. I have also seen in your Action Plan, the idea of Training and the conferences-debates, I ask you to put a special emphasis on the themes related to our habits and customs, to allow children to know where they come from, who they are and how to better integrate into their diaspora universe.
Ladies and gentlemen, the diaspora can offer much more than remittances and investments. It has skills, knowledge, know-how, exposure to the world, sciences, arts and technologies, which can help strengthen the human capital for the development of Fontsa-Touala. You can serve as mentors to the new generation of Fontsa-Touala.
This is the type of Fontsa-Touala that we are today, a group that sets ambitious goals and measures itself to those who were able to achieve great works.

Welcome to a new Group! We are all the same: Fontsa-Touala living here, Fontsa-Touala living abroad; we are called «Chinese». This means that we should work tirelessly as Chinese, leave our traces wherever we are and make the most of the strength of our numbers.

Dear Diaspora, rise for the great awakening of Fontsa-Touala!
Let’s stand up and gather around our development goals!
The hour of Fontsa-Touala has come, no people has developed without its diaspora. And it is in the grandeur of Fontsa-Touala that your pride also resides.

On behalf of this great and dynamic People of the Groupement Fontsa-Touala, I wish you health, prosperity, happiness and success for the new year 2024. May the sacred Light of FO’OH-TOH and FO’OH-NGAH shine unceasingly upon each one of us, bringing him abundant graces and a host of opportunities in your individual and community activities for the salvation of our dearest Village.
Long live the Diaspora Fontsa-Touala!
Long live the Fontsa-Touala people!

Majesty KEMDNG DONFACK Joseph Cédric

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